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What to Do If You Have No Health Insurance

Millions of Americans do not have health insurance because of the cost, the coverage or they don’t think they have an actual need for it. While it’s certainly a personal choice, one thing should always be kept in the back of your mind. At some point, everyone will need medical assistance; that’s just how life happens to be.

Get educated about the various plans on the market. While they may appear to be confusing, talking to a health insurance broker will take care of that for you. After all, it might be as easy as finding out what the differences are between a Health Savings Account, a Co-Pay or Major Medical Insurance.

For example, one of the most reasonable plans is the Co-Pay plan. It co-pays expenses for doctors, medication and prevention. Instead of paying the full bill for a visit to the physician, you only pay a portion of the fee and most people find that to be affordable.