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People Who Are Not Healthy Don’t Always Get Health Insurance

This will make sense if you stop to think about it. If you are way overweight, have diabetes, do drugs or are a regular drinker, you certainly won’t be getting the OK for a health insurance policy. These types of behaviors are risky and high risk consumers are considered risky business propositions.

You’ll notice we mentioned risk at least three times in that last sentence. This is because an insurance company is a business and to stay in business, the companies don’t insure people with high risk habits because it costs them money.

The fact is you only get health insurance if the insurance company feels you’re a good risk. That means that they are betting they won’t have to pay.

out too much on you over the years.

This isn’t to say you might not get insurance, but if you do, your premiums will be really high and the coverage might not deal with your particular health issue(s).

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