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Affordable health insurance now or later?

Given any thought lately to buying affordable health insurance? Can’t because you don’t think you can afford it? Actually, it is extremely doable; you just need some patience to find what you need. It’s best to get your health insurance now rather than wait until later. Why? Because right now, you have some choices you can make to suit what you want and need.

If you wait until having health insurance is mandated, then what will you get? That’s food for thought isn’t it? Acting now would mean you have lots of choices (and you may later, but no one knows for sure). Acting now would mean you could take your time and compare prices and what your policy covers. If you leave it to the last minute, you’re going to be in a panic to get something – and that something might not be what you need.

So take some time now to shop around and get prices and coverage that do fit your budget.

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