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The Business Of Selling Health Insurance Needs To Make A Profit

As a consumer of health care services in the U.S., you will know that without a health insurance plan in place, you’re going to be paying out a large chunk of change. With a health insurance plan, that’s a different scenario; one you can manage financially. So, you might wonder why you are paying what you do for health insurance coverage.

You’re paying the prices you do for health insurance plans, because selling insurance is a business and a business needs to make money to stay in business. It’s that simple. The insurance company is taking a gamble on you and your health and you are paying them to cover you when you are sick. If you get sick a lot, they lose money on you. If you don’t get sick a lot, they may make money on you.

While it’s not QUITE that simple, because external market factors need to be thrown into the mix, the bottom line is that THEIR bottom line is to make money. Period. In other words, they offer you the service of keeping you well and taking the risk that you will participate in staying healthy.

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