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Health Insurance Quotes That Are Affordable

The word affordable in insurance lingo may mean great pricing for the policy you want, or it may mean affordable coverage that you require. We would all love to have the preferred rate wouldn’t we? A low, easy to afford rate that looks good on the website would be nice, but that rate just does not apply to everyone, and it may not apply to you either. Talk to a local insurance agent first before you count your savings.

You get what you pay for when it comes to insurance (and other things in life), so make sure you get a policy that will be there when you need it. Letting your local health insurance agent know what you need helps you get the proper coverage at a reasonable price.

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Posted on Sunday, January 15th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance, Life Insurance.

Online Health Insurance Quotes & Your Personal Information

It’s ok to get quotes online, but be aware that there are some insurance companies who will sell your personal information to others. Oh sure, they could provide you a quote, but then a few weeks later you start getting phone calls from people you never contacted online and you never got your original quote either. That big online company really only wanted your personal information to sell.


Try to stay with local insurance agents and away from companies you do not know much about. Think twice before you click and share your personal information. Local insurance agents will know your area a lot better than any call center gathering names to sell to other insurance companies.


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Health Insurance Costs the Same Everywhere – Almost!

Health insurance policies across the U.S. are all the same from insurance carrier to insurance carrier. They have to be because they are federally mandated. Does this mean you can’t get a deal? No, it does not mean you cannot get a deal. What it means is all the insurance packages are the same. The rates might vary from company to company, so be sure to call around to more than three health insurance companies.

Just remember that when you get the quotes, it’s for essentially the same thing, but it’s priced differently. Sometimes you will get a better price with a smaller company who wants to have more customers. Other times you may get a better price from a bigger insurance company who wants to be competitive. This means calling for quotes makes the most sense for your budget.

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The Preferred Rate for Health Insurance – Is it for You?

The preferred rate for health insurance might be for you, but you’d better check that out first before you jump to conclusions based on what you read on a website. Not everybody is qualified for the preferred rate largely due to pre-existing health conditions, age, occupation and a few other things.

The rates you see quoted on most health insurance websites are the ones offered to people in prime health with no pre-existing conditions. So, make sure you ask some pointed questions of your local health insurance agent.

The rate you get depends on your health. So if you take drugs for something, and most of us do, then just say so. This does not mean you cannot get insurance. It only means you will be in a different category with a different rate. So ask what the differences in the rates are when you call your local insurance agent.

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Health Insurance Agents Sell Only What You Actually Need

Insurance agents do not sit at their phones all day, waiting for someone to call so they can sell them just any old policy. Their jobs and their training dictate that they find out what the customer needs and wants, and then outline what policies would suit their situation. If they see that another type of policy may work better, they offer that as an option for the caller.

If agents sold everyone the same policy or just any old policy because it was cheap and the caller didn’t really say what they wanted, how long do you think they would stay in business? Not long. The truth is, despite the bad rep insurance agents have, is that they are in the business because they do want to help people stay well, safe and healthy.

If you go for an online quote you might not get relevant insurance suited to your actual health care needs. If you know your local agent it will mean you will be covered with the right kind of hospital coverage because they know which hospitals provide service in your network area. That way you have coverage later should you need it. Do not risk getting an online quote from someone who has no idea where you live.

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Health Insurance Quotes Better When Locally Provided

No matter how many times people think this, they often do the opposite. What is it? They think about calling a local insurance agent at a smaller company, but instead, call a big name insurance company because they think they will get better service and pricing. This is not always the case. In fact, the bigger the company, the less engaged they are with their customers in not only the same state, but in another state too.

If you ever want to try and settle the insurance claim, try dealing with an out-of-state insurance company who does not know you and could really care less about you, unless you don’t pay your premiums. Local is the way to go.

Agents know their regional areas and who is the best person to see for various things. They also know who pays claims and who doesn’t and which hospital is better and closer to you. If you live in Pennsylvania, and buy insurance out of a company in Florida, they have no clue where your nearest hospital is.

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