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HMO Health Insurance Quotes Can Be Misleading

What does everyone want with a health insurance plan?

  • Low copays
  • Lots of doctors and hospitals in the network
  • Extensive coverage

All at a low price.

On the surface, HMO’s can appear to be all of the above, but if you buy an HMO without looking at the details you could end up for a big surprise.

Many cheap HMO’s advertise the doctor’s office copay – the most widely used benefit in health insurance. But its when you end up in the emergency room or need surgery when you will be truly using your insurance benefits. And here is where you may end up with a problem.

Many HMO’s designed for individuals come with very high deductibles and coinsurance limits for those types of services. So everything is fine so long as all you need are a few prescriptions and to visit your doctor every once in a while, but then you end up owing $5,000 when you end up in the hospital.

So just be careful when you are selecting a plan and make sure you look at how much you might have to pay if you need expensive health care services.

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