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Health Insurance Quotes Won’t Change Much – At Least Not Yet!

Don’t expect too many things to be different yet with the re-election of President Obama. This isn’t to say change won’t be coming, because the big ticket deal, health insurance or else, is coming next year. And that is still a can of worms for many Americans, being forced to buy health insurance. But let’s not get too concerned, not yet. Many things could happen between now and then.

For instance, there is the very large matter of the economy. We’re talking about the fiscal cliff and beyond. If spending, program cutting, cost cutting, and what not, are not wrestled under control, there isn’t much that can be done to the health care system. It may just find itself on pause. This is not to say the mandatory health insurance requirement will not kick in, as it is quite likely to proceed. The question is with other areas needing fixing, like immigration, where will the White House find money to do everything?

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