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Health insurance plans are your lifeline for the future

Many Americans do not have health insurance. They feel they cannot afford it.

Perhaps there is indeed some truth to the fact that many Americans cannot afford monthly insurance premiums. At least, from their point of view, they do not have the extra funds to pay for health insurance plans. While it is an understandable dilemma, the bigger picture is this: without health insurance, you will have to pay a huge medical bill if you need care and do not have health insurance.

So, the question then becomes, “What would you rather have happen? Scrimp a bit to pay a monthly premium and have medical bills covered, or get a bill from the E.R. for setting a broken wrist, which runs about $20,000 or more?” Most people would be horrified to get a bill that large. If they have to stay in a hospital overnight, or require surgery, that bill is even higher. How would they pay for it?

The answer to that question is they would not be able to pay it, and in addition to their usual monthly financial obligations, they would be saddled with a bill that may take years to pay off. Some find themselves in the situation of having to declare bankruptcy as a result of medical bills. Most of those kinds of situations are avoidable by having even a basic health insurance plan.

Now is the time to line up health insurance plans for the whole family, before you are fined for not being covered. It is also a smart time to source your health insurance, as you have the ability to pick and choose what you really need and what works for you, even if it is a very basic policy.

Any coverage is, at times, better than none. Mind you, that largely depends on what coverage you choose, and that choice is up to you. You would, of course, opt for coverage that best reflects your needs and not pay for things you would not need. That is then what you pay for, rather than trying to figure out how on earth you pay a medical bill so high, you would never make that much in two years.

If you already have insurance, then do you know if it is doing a good job for you? Here’s how to tell if it is not doing a good job. Your doctor’s office has hinted they won’t be using your insurer in the future, other people have sued the insurance company for fraud, they won’t let you raise your deductible to bring down your monthly premium, and prescription drugs are not covered.

The most frustrating spot to be in though is when trying to file a claim and you can’t get anyone on the phone and get stalled, and no one answers your questions when you email. It’s time to start looking around for another insurer.

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