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Health Insurance Was Not for This Man

This is an ironic story, about a man who figured he did not need health insurance. He was big. He was tough. He worked hard as a logger and was in great shape. He was lean, mean and knew a thing or two about felling huge trees so no one got hurt. He was good at his job, which made him job supervisor at the logging camp. He was always healthy, always on the go and always in great spirits. He loved teaching newbies how to cut trees down the right way.

One day, a newbie did not pay attention to what he was told. The tree he was working on fell the wrong way, right on top of the man who did not need health insurance, that healthy, active, logging supervisor. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital in critical condition with blunt force trauma injuries to the head and abdomen. His pelvis was crushed and he faced a possible leg amputation.

The supervisor did not get out of hospital for eight long and brutal months. He survived. His life could be pulled back together again. But could he pay for his medical care without insurance? No. It’s not about being too strong or healthy to need insurance. You need insurance for the events and illnesses you cannot plan for.

What would you do in a similar situation if you did not have health insurance to help defray expenses? Maybe it’s time to go online and find an affordable health insurance plan.