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If you’re a senior in America, make sure you know your health insurance policy details

Predators hoping to fleece seniors are sending them bills for medical services they never received, double-billing them for the same service, or selling them policies that are worthless. Many seniors do not always recall the details of their health insurance. They are only interested in the fact that it works for them.

If some successful scammer comes along and makes a good case for buying another health insurance policy because it is cheaper, they may well get customers signing up. Who doesn’t want to save money these days, whether they are older or not? The problem lies in buying a cheap policy that sounds absolutely perfect. It usually isn’t absolutely perfect. In fact, it may be worthless and when a customer goes to use it, they find out they are not covered and their documents are fake.

Even if it pains you to think about reading insurance jargon, know your health insurance policy and what it does and dies not offer. If you know what you have and how much you pay, you cannot be scammed into taking something that only sounds good thanks to empty promises.