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Health care support may be based on age

There is a good possibility that the new form of health care for the nation may provide health support based on age. As explained by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the idea would be that older Americans who are very ill would get more support, as would lower income individuals. Those with higher incomes would thus not receive the same kind of support since they could afford to pay for it.

The new administration has plans to make significant changes to Medicare. Many incoming politicians feel Medicare is responsible for a huge hole in the budget due to the misuse and abuse of the program. Having said that, Speaker Ryan also pointed out that the longer Medicare runs without any changes or pending changes in place, the delay just makes things worse.

Americans who use Medicare are advised to be aware of any potential changes that may affect them. It is hard to predict what changes may be proposed and how they would benefit Medicare recipients, and whether or not those suggested revisions may come to pass.