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Can a spouse of a Medicare beneficiary enroll in Medicare during the enrollment period?

The ability of a spouse of a Medicare beneficiary to enroll in Medicare depends on age. If a spouse of a Medicare beneficiary is over the age of 65, then they can enroll in a Medicare plan. The situation changes for spouses who are below the age of 65.

If for example, a spouse is 62 and their partner is 65 with Medicare, then the younger spouse cannot enroll in plans during open enrollment. Even though a spouse has Medicare, the younger one does not qualify for Medicare until they turn 65.

So, if the younger souse does not have health insurance now, it may be worthwhile to explore other options to obtain it. Check health insurance plans available for purchase through the official insurance Marketplace. If your joint income is less than $66,000, then the younger spouse might qualify for premium tax credits. If your joint income is below $22,700, then the younger spouse may be eligible for Medicaid if you live in a state with an expanded Medicaid program.

Talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent if you have any concerns or questions about open enrollment or the available insurance options for you and your family.