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More Things to Know About Your New Medicare Card

Even though your new Medicare cards have a specific new number, unique only to you, and you think no one could ever be able to use it, be wary. There is a lot of Medicare fraud in the United States.

To avoid any potential problems with your new card, only give the new Medicare Number to insurers, pharmacists, physicians and other health care providers that you know are medical personnel. People you know and trust with your card.

Forget your card at home? It happens. You, another health care provider or your doctor’s office may be able to look your new number up online.

Use your new Medicare cards right away and destroy the old one. However, if you do not have your new card yet, you may still use the old one until January 1, 2020. If you do not have your card, write, call or long into and find out if it was sent to the right address.