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How the executive order affects larger employers?

Late January, President Trump signed a healthcare executive order that could impact employers, even if it did not specifically mention them.

The executive order instructed federal agencies to, “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement that would impose a fiscal burden,” on states, health care providers or individuals. The order can undo individual mandates to purchase insurance and other mandates placed on employers, like providing full-time employees with coverage.

The employer mandates may be regarded as a fiscal burden, according to the wording of the executive order. The employer mandate may become questionable if there is no tax on individuals who do not have minimum essential health insurance.

Nonetheless, it is advisable for all employers to continue complying with the established rules by the ACA until the GOP proposed American Health Care Act (or another act) is implemented.

The transition from the ACA to the proposed American Healthcare Act may be painful and prolonged. Stay on top of what is happening in the industry and understand your existing health coverage to be able to evaluate what may replace it.