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The proposed GOP healthcare plan and what it means for the ACA

Until Congress passes the proposed American Health Care Act, the current rules and regulation regarding the ACA remain in place. This means that the following aspects of the ACA must still be complied with for the duration.

Some of the rules and regulations that must still be followed include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-discrimination rules related to transgender benefit protections and their enforcement
  • Individual and employer mandates and fines/taxes for non-compliance
  • Market reform mandates and IRS tax enforcement from large employers whose self-insured group plans do not satisfy market reform rules
  • Reporting obligations/IRS tax enforcement of dues from large companies failing to accurately and in a timely manner report coverage offered to workers/dependents

The rising opposition to the proposed American Health Care Act, is likely going to cause a delay in the ability for the Act to pass through the House and Senate. Many voices of opposition are voicing their concerns that rushing through this healthcare act and not allowing it to be properly vetted will have the potential to adversely affect many Americans.

The next few months or years are likely to be confusing and frustrating. Insurance agents, brokers and carriers are going to be doing their best to stay on top of the latest changes.