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Needing health insurance should be a given, but in today’s economy, it usually isn’t. In fact, most people try to save money by not paying for health insurance. The mistaken assumption is that if they don’t pay premiums, then they can save money. If your luck holds for several years, you don’t get sick, don’t break a bone and don’t get into an accident, then you may be able to save some money. But, the first time you need medical care will be when you find out that what you “saved” now has to go to pay your medical bills.

Yes, the economy is rough, but it would be even rougher if you needed medical care and could not pay for it because you didn’t have a health insurance plan in place. If you skip not having a primary health provider and have to hit an ER for help, your bill will be catastrophic. Where is the savings in that? Find affordable health insurance quotes online.

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