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Lower Health Insurance Premiums Can Only Happen If We Take Responsibility For Our Own Health

A very common complaint heard on coffee row is the rising cost of health insurance premiums. This coming from a group of people who are smoking, eating a high-fat breakfast , and who drove to the local café despite the fact that they live just down the road from it is ironic. None of them exercise, other than to lift the TV remote and many of them drink in excess as well. Is it any wonder that those individuals have health problems that send them to a doctor more often than those who do not overindulge?

The bottom line here is that each and every one of us is directly responsible for our own health. If we strive to be healthy, we are healthy and we save money on health insurance premiums because of this. Bemoaning the high bills and the cost of premiums is counter-intuitive, when we are causing our own poor health because of our actions. If we want cheaper health insurance premiums, we have to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It is just that simple.

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