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Transparent Medical Costs Needed to Have a Better Health Care System

It is no secret that the health care system is horribly abused. If everyone knew the cost of various procedures, this would improve the system. How? If you knew the price for something versus not knowing what you pay because a third party pays your bills, the term “budget” would take on a whole new meaning. You would be wiser about how your money is spent and where it goes.

Here is an example: if you knew that it cost you $350 to see a doctor about a cold, chances are you would think twice about going. If your three kids all had a minor flu, and you went to the doctor and got a $1,050 bill for the doctor checking drippy noses and telling the kids to stay warm, drink lots of fluids and call back if you get worse, you would be a lot smarter about home care options.

Be smart and think twice about going to the doctor unless you really need to go.

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