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Health Insurance Rates Respond to Market Demand

In part, health insurance rates respond to the market. Not to necessarily reduce their rates, unless they want to attract customers, but they respond by offering new programs and options for those who need health insurance. Of course, the options come with a price tag, and if you want to get a good deal, you need to shop around for one.

Not many consumers appreciate that health insurance plans are predicated on what a private health insurance company can get from their customers. That’s right, what the market will bear, and so the insurance company will charge accordingly. That is why shopping around for the best price is a smart thing. Remember, insurance companies are in business for the bottom dollar – yours.

While there is government regulation for Medicare and Medicaid, private insurers can name their own prices. And that is why you end up paying (in some cases) more than you should have to pay. Be smart and shop smart.

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