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Medical Insurance Quotes and Your Online Options

People have been searching for medical insurance online for over 10 years now, and according to research at Forrester, this number is only going to keep growing as a greater percentage of people do their insurance searches on the internet.

When you perform your search online, you are going to be presented with up to hundreds of different health insurance choices. For the average person, its just overwhelming and we recommend that you work with a quality advisor to make the right decision.

If you want to make the decision yourself, here are the basics:

Know your monthly budget: This is going to be the best place to start and it will reduce your choices substantially – unless the sky is the limit… When setting your budget, don’t skimp – you can get inexpensive plans – but you give up a lot in benefits.
Know your healthcare needs: Have an honest conversation with yourself about what you and your families needs are. Is anyone sick and frequently needs to see a doctor? Is everyone healthy and you really only see a doctor once or twice a year? Copays make more sense if you need a lot of care – but if you rarely use the healthcare system an HSA program may be right for you.
Know how much you can afford out of your own pocket: This will establish how much you should choose for your maximum out of pocket expenses.
Most online health insurance quote systems will give you the ability to choose all of the above. After you are done telling the system how much you can spend and what kind of plan you want, your choices should narrow to just a few options. Once you have those options, you can start looking at the finer points like ‘Is my doctor in the network’ etc.

At the end of the day, a good health insurance agent will help you navigate all of the above and will discuss important considerations you probably won’t think of on your own. And this comes at no cost to you as the monthly rate you pay is the same if you have an agent or don’t have an agent.

by Clelland Green