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Affordable health insurance is best found by sourcing quotes for yourself

If you’re searching for affordable health insurance, do it for yourself.

These days, less than 25 percent of the population gets health insurance through their employers. If your employer does offer health insurance, you get what you get and at a price dictated by the company. Although it is a benefit to you, you may be paying for things you do not need or use. You may well be able to find health insurance for less by looking around. In other words, by opting to get your own individual plan, you may pay less.

Health insurance through a company means you are lumped, as one large group, with everyone else in the company. That will often include overweight individuals, smokers and those with serious illnesses. While that is life, you are paying for that. If you are in pretty good shape, and younger, looking around for affordable health insurance quotes makes sense. You could actually get a lot more insurance tailored to your needs for less.

What’s the best place to look for insurance quotes? You guessed it. Online. The coverage you find there is similar to what your employer may be offering, but the price is typically less. Additionally, you have a choice of insurance providers, deductibles and so forth. If you need something to fit your lifestyle and budget, you’ll find it online quickly.

Having your own health insurance means that no matter where you go if you change jobs, you still have insurance. Considering today’s shaky economy, it’s a good thing to have portable health insurance, as people are changing jobs at an ever increasing pace. You certainly do not want to be without health insurance, not when it means facing enormous medical bills that you would have no way of being able to pay.

While many Americans have opted out of having health insurance because they cannot afford it, the truth of the matter is that they cannot afford “not” to have it. The first time they need to see a doctor or go to emergency for a broken bone, they will end up facing a real dilemma —- how to pay for the care. Additionally, by 2014, you will be required to have coverage. Why not get it now while you have some choices available?

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