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Health Insurance Rates Hover Up and Down According to the Marketplace

Health insurance quotes will not change too much due to the recent election, and neither will health insurance rates. In fact, you will likely find them to be very competitive. Why? Because health insurance plans are priced out according to what a private health care insurance company feels their customers will pay. That’s right, what the market will bear at any given time, and so the insurance company will charge accordingly. That’s why shopping around for prices is a smart thing.

There is government regulation in Medicare and Medicaid, however private insurers are able to swing their own deals. And that is why you end up paying (in some cases) more than you should have to pay. Never buy the first insurance policy you see. Make sure to get more than three quotes and spend the time understanding what the policy covers and does not cover. Best to get your insurance now, before 2014.

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