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Don’t think you need health insurance? Think again.

Johnny Apple was an older man. He loved his job as a carpenter and went home every day proud of what he had accomplished at work. His employer did not provide health insurance, saying it was too expensive and that workers could get it on their own. Johnny figured he didn’t need it. He was careful and he could use the money for something else.

Early one morning on the job, Johnny and his partner were installing cabinets at a new job site. His partner tripped over piece of lumber in the restaurant kitchen. The cabinets, weighing a good 200 lbs. or more, and made of steel, landed on Johnny’s legs. Paramedics were able to cut him loose and get him to the hospital.

With one crushed leg and a broken pelvis, Johnny faced a long road to recovery. He also faced the possibility that he might never work in the carpentry trade again. He had a lot on his plate to deal with. When his hospital bill arrived, his first thought was he would have to declare bankruptcy. He could never in a million years pay that bill. He wished he’d been smart enough to get health insurance.

If you don’t want this story to be yours some day, consider buying health insurance. There are reasonably priced policies available.