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How much is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D costs vary greatly from one individual to the next. Expenses, per person, change in response to the drug used, the drugstore filling it out, the type of plan and if the person qualifies for Medicare’s Extra Help program. The Extra Help program helps people with low incomes pay prescription drug program costs like premiums, deductibles and co-insurance fees.

Medicare Part D costs vary because all the Part D plans have their own terms and rules for the policies offered. All plans are required to offer minimum coverage that then can be built on with additional offers. For example, some plans will provide tiered systems where only some brand-name drugs are less expensive.

Nonetheless, there are some common features to be found in all Part D Medicare Plans. For instance, most individuals pay a monthly premium that increases with the person’s salary. All patients do not pay the monthly premium and this is applicable when it comes to deductions. Many Part D Medicare plans charge an annual deductible prior to coverage becoming effective. Deductibles are different for each plan. For 2017, Medicare has stated the maximum deductible is $400.00.