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Medicare Fraud is Alive and Well, Beware

Medicare fraud is far more common that we might expect. The definition is purposely invoicing Medicare for services that were never received or never provided. Some examples of this kind of fraud include:

  • Invoicing Medicare or other insurer for services/items never received
  • Invoicing Medicare for equipment/services that are not the same as what you received
  • Invoicing Medicare for home medical equipment once its been returned
  • Using another beneficiaries Medicare card to obtain equipment, medical care, supplies

While you may not be aware of such fraud going on, it may, overtime become clear that something is wrong. When in doubt, speak out. Defrauding Medicare means those who need it receive less benefits than they should be entitled to because someone defrauded the program.

If you do know someone intentionally defrauding Medicare, take the time to report it. Everyone benefits when you do.