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Should I pay monthly or make a single payment up front?

Usually, you are given two main options of payment for a short-term health insurance plan. Consider the following recommendations:

We recommend you select “Monthly”, if you:

  • Are unsure as to how long you will be needing coverage, or
  • Would prefer not to make a lump sum, up-front payment

We recommend you select “Single Up-front Payment”, if you:

  • Have an exact timeline of how long you will need coverage,
  • Would prefer overall lower plan costs, and
  • Are able to disburse the entire premium amount in a single payment

Selection of a single up-front payment will require that you specify the exact duration of your coverage (30-185 days). A major convenience of this choice is the fact that it will not be necessary for you to manually cancel your plan at the end of your coverage period. Should your circumstances change during this time and you either need coverage for a longer or shorter period of time, it will be necessary for you to either reapply at the end of the coverage period or forfeit the remainder of your pre-paid premium. Most insurance companies that offer short-term medical coverage will allow you to re-apply one time at the end of your coverage term, if necessary. Since many insurance companies only offer short term coverage with a single up-front payment, you may want to select this option rather than a monthly payment option to allow yourself a wider variety of plans from which to select.

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