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Medicare Part C

Most people know Medicare Part C as Medicare Advantage and as an add-on to Medicare Parts A and B. Part C handles the deductibles and co-pays required under Parts A and B. To enroll in Part C, you must be enrolled in Part A and Part B. Part C also offers some extra benefits, such as dental, vision and drug coverage. If you already have drug coverage, you must find a Part C plan that does not offer it.

The main difference between Parts A and B (often referred to as traditional Medicare) and Part C is that those enrolled must deal with a certain group of hospitals and doctors within a network. A and B plans do not require participants to deal with specified doctors and hospitals in a network. Part C requires an additional monthly premium to add to the Plan B premium payment.

The available plans include Special Needs, PPO, Private Fee for Service and HMO. Medicare Advantage also offers emergency room treatment when a participant is travelling. If you require Special Needs Medicare Advantage, your plan must also include Parts A, B and D.

Medicare Advantage is sold by private insurers and may not be available in certain areas. Its price can vary, so shop yearly to find a good deal. When comparing various plans, ensure that you take everything into consideration, including premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

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