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Health Insurance Fraud is an On-going Concern

It seems that not a day goes by without someone trying to scam people with phony health insurance. Insurance scams are common. There are so many types of insurance fraud scams that it is virtually impossible to list them.

Frequently, these scams are not caught until it is too late and the victim is left holding a very high doctor’s bill when they thought they had the insurance to cover it. Victims find out at the last second, when their claim is denied, that they were the victim of insurance fraud.

While insurance scams are common, it is possible for seniors to stay vigilant and protect themselves from possible threat. There are some things to watch out for to protect you and your family.

First, if the price is too good to be true, steer clear of the offer. Low prices are a good sign of a scam. Be wary of mail that offers low cost insurance. Second, be weary of insurance providers whose names you do not recognize. Scammers will often use a name that is similar sounding to a national brand in order to trick people. Next, pay attention to spelling and grammar errors. Scams are often filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Lastly, before signing up check the company information and confirm that it exists.

Because health insurance scams are so common, it is best for seniors to be cautious. If you are unsure about which health plan to chose, reach out to the qualified agents at for help.