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People give many explanations as to why they do not want to buy life insurance. They cannot afford it. They do not need it. Getting life insurance will not do the insured any good. A partner or spouse is the breadwinner, not them. Life insurance can wait.

In some ways, life insurance is just as critical as health insurance. You know what would happen if you did not have proper health insurance in a medical emergency: in almost all cases, your family would not be able to pay your bills. In the same vein, if you feel you cannot afford life insurance to protect your family, then ask yourself how your loved ones will be able to cope financially without your income. Those left behind in the wake of a sudden death need financial security to carry on with their lives. You insure your home, boat, car and mobile phone, and you need to insure your life as well. It is the most important thing you own.

For those who insist they do not need life insurance because they do not have their own family, think about the funeral and burial costs. Who would cover them if you passed away? The average cost for a funeral in the U.S. is $6,560; that cost does not include burial. A burial may range from $1,000 to $10,000. Overall, depending on what choices are made for a service (and other items required, including a grave marker), costs may range from $7,560 to $16,560. Without life insurance, who would shoulder those costs? If you do have a family, would they be able to pay all the expenses?

If you receive life insurance coverage from your employer, this is a good place to start. However, that policy may not cover everything that would be needed if you died. Find out the parameters of your employer’s coverage and determine if it would be enough to take care of your family. Also, bear in mind that if you left your job, the life insurance would not follow you.
Both partners in a marriage make an economic contribution in some way, whether they leave the home daily to work or run the home and care for children. If the homemaker were to pass away, who could cover childcare costs, home care, home maintenance, baby care and daily shopping? How much would it cost to replace a homemaker? How much would it cost to replace the main breadwinner? Life happens. Sometimes it deals an unexpected hand.

Life insurance protects you when the unexpected happens. Life insurance cannot wait, because no one knows what life will bring from one day to the next. If you wait today, tomorrow or even for a number of years, what happens if the next day is your last one and you have no life insurance in place to protect your family?

These days, life insurance policies are extremely reasonable. You may choose just about any kind of coverage that suits your circumstances. It makes good sense to protect others for the future — just in case.

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