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Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are relatively popular health care plans that allow subcribers to visit any doctor they wish without a referral (within the plan’s network). Although patients must use the network in general, they do not need to maintain a primary care doctor. In-network choices result in higher benefit levels than choices made out of the network, but out-of-network medical care may be partly covered or reimbursed. Subscribers to PPO plans typically see copayments for some services and have an annual deductible to meet before coverage begins. They may be required to cover a certain percentage of the total of their medical expenses.

Those who want the ability to choose any doctor or medical facility without referrals or who wish to have a portion of their out-of-netowrk claims covered may find that a PPO suits their needs. Be aware that definitions may vary according to the insurance company, so check what specific benefits are provided before enrolling in any plan. Compare plans, benefits and various kinds of coverage to obtain the health insurance coverage you need.

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