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What is a Student Insurance Plan?

Regardless of what your specific needs might be, a student health insurance plan can provide you with a valuable health insurance solution. Please read the following case studies for some examples of how Student Select can help you.

Case Study #1 – Alex needs more than just hospitalization and outpatient surgery!

This fall, Alex will be attending college for the first time. The location of his school is outside of the HMO network region of his parents’ health insurance plan. Alex’s parents performed some research on the health insurance plan offered through his college, but they discovered that it was extremely limited and had numerous constraints on very basic coverage.

The Solution to Alex’s Dilemma:

Student Select from Assurant Health is a perfect fit for Alex’s circumstances because not only does it provide access several different choices of deductibles, but it also affords him more extensive coverage without the limitations of an HMO or PPO. The Student Select plan makes up to $1 million in protection for eligible expenses, including hospitalization, outpatient surgery, and emergency care.

Case Study #2 – “Lynn is a college student, not a millionaire!”

The college that Lynn will be attending next semester requires that all student have some form of medical coverage by the first day of classes. She is in a quandary. She doesn’t have health insurance through her parents and the cost of a traditional individual health insurance plan is just too high. Lynn doesn’t want to take the risk of going without coverage, but she has a tight budget.

The Solution to Lynn’s Dilemma:

Student Select typically costs less than a traditional individual health insurance plan while still providing quality coverage while still in school. Enrollment is simple and premiums are affordable, allowing Lynn meet her insurance needs while staying inside her financial constraints.

Situation #3 – “Just when I’m getting on my own two feet is when I need coverage the most”

William is about to have his 24th birthday and has just discovered that at that point, he will no longer be eligible for health insurance coverage through his parents. Since William is still in school as a graduate student, he and his parents are both concerned about what will happen to him if he needs medical care before he graduates and is able to get group health insurance from an employer.

The Solution to William’s Dilemma:

Not only is Student Select available to undergraduate students, but it is available for full time graduate students as well. Student Select coverage can have an effective date as early as within 24 hours of the completion of the student’s application. One of Student Select’s best features is the fact that all policies are guaranteed renewable. This translates into the safety of being able to keep the plan as long as necessary as long as the premiums are paid and that William attended school full time for 31 days after the policy effective date. This can be an invaluable resource for him during the transition from college to employment.

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