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Health Insurance Plans for Small Businesses

Running a small business is a real challenge, particularly in this kind of an economic climate. Well, that’s a bit of a no-brainer isn’t it? Sure it’s tough to run a company in this kind of economic climate, but what is even harder is finding reasonable health insurance for the self-employed.

Well, yes and no. Yes, it’s a bit harder to find, but it “can” be done. All you need to do to get health insurance for small businesses is to form a group of like-minded people – maybe in the same line of work you are in – and apply to a medical insurance company as a group.

Have all your ducks in a row and by the time all the people you need are onboard and really to roll, you will have good news for everyone – they will get to take advantage of lower rates because they now have group insurance. Sometimes the simplest solutions to problems are the right ones for the time and occasion.

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Health Insurance Quotes that Cover Autism

Unfortunately, if one of your family members happens to have autism, you can’t get health insurance coverage. At least, you can’t get it right now. That may change if Missouri gets its way and does introduce and get signed a bill that makes it mandatory for health insurance companies to offer cover for autism. It would be an enormous step forward not only for that state, but the number of families that may be able to utilize it for a family member.

Autism is far more common than we realize, but what many people don’t realize, is that most health insurance plans do not provide coverage for this neurological condition. Autism causes sufferers to experience mild to severe problems communicating with others and to struggle with social interaction. The time for intervention is in early childhood and by using a variety of programs that help those with autism to live a near normal life.

Treatment costs for this disorder are enormous and making coverage available for those with autism is exciting news. All eyes should be on Missouri now.

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What Health Insurance Quotes Don’t Tell You

Instant health insurance quotes are terrific. You know within minutes roughly how much you will need to pay for a health insurance policy. This of course is what you need to know if you are trying to work out a health care budget. Just remember though that the quote is just a quote for how much it may cost you for your health insurance premium.

What health insurance quotes don’t tell you is if there are any exclusions in your policy. For instance, will the policy you want to buy handle pre-existing conditions? Will it pay for x-rays? Does each item have a coverage limit? Is there a coverage level for the whole policy and everything in it? These are the things you need to know and this is why you need to ask questions. Knowing the answer to things like that will mean you can make the “right” health insurance choice for you.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Quotes Should Be Analyzed

While it’s nice to have health insurance quotes, they don’t tell you everything you need to know. For instance, they don’t tell you what your policy will cover and what it won’t cover. This is something you really need to know, unless you want to find yourself in a jam one day over coverage you thought you had, but didn’t. Never assume that your policy has something in it and covers you for things unless you check that out yourself, or in the alternative, ask the insurance agent.

Quotes are just that, quotes. They give you a price for a health insurance policy based on the information you provided. If you want to know anything further, you need to do some more homework, ask questions and then figure out if the information you get back makes sense for your situation. You can’t decide what is going to work for you or you and your family if you don’t have enough solid information.

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Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Really “Is” Affordable

Try not to get sick these days if you don’t have health insurance. Why? Because if you do get sick, sick enough to have to see a doctor, then it is going to cost you money; money you may not have. The thing is that even if you think the illness is minor, what if it is not and you need to spend time in the hospital? Do you hear those cash register bells pealing as the hospital tallies up the bill? Saying that health insurance is not affordable is a bit strange when you think that if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to pay your medical bills.

With health insurance, you would not only be able to handle your medical bills, but they’d be less than dealing with them if you don’t have any insurance. No health insurance can put you in the poor house. So you might want to rethink the position about not having “any” insurance now before it becomes mandatory later for you to have it.

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Posted on Friday, August 20th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

How Does One Get Affordable Health Insurance Now?

Yes, the economy is bad and as a nation we are all struggling to try and get through it and find some light at the end of the tunnel. Many people know they need health insurance or they could be in a lot of trouble financially if something happened to them. But, where do they get affordable health insurance that won’t break their budget? What if you are self-employed and your income varies every month and you don’t know if you can pay for a health insurance policy?

These are good questions and the answer relates to how you personally budget things in your business and your personal life. Most often, there are corners that may be cut and money saved aside for a health insurance policy. It’s a matter of doing without something that could wait to allow you to buy cover now that will protect you and your family in the future. Remember that having a health insurance policy may be mandated in the near future. This means you will “have” to find a way to pay for a policy. Better to do it now on your own, than have it forced on you later.

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Affordable Health Insurance Quotes – Just Ask for Them

A lot of people complain that they can’t afford health insurance – but – did they think to ask the insurance agent about getting affordable health insurance quotes? In a great number of cases, the person wanting a quote never mentions they are on a budget and if they don’t do that, they get policies with higher price tags shown to them. On the other hand if they had said right up front that they were working with a budget, the insurance agent would have found policies that would fit into their price range.

All it takes is being honest right away and mentioning you don’t have a lot of money, but know you need health care, what can the agent find for you? Ask a ton of questions, tell the agent your concerns, what you need for cover and let them know about any health conditions you have. They aren’t there to judge you or to deny you insurance. There is “always” something out there that will work for YOU – just ASK.

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Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Budget Concerns May Hamper Health Insurance

People may tell you not to worry about the cost of health insurance. They obviously haven’t lived with your budget concerns.

Having or not having health insurance in America these days is a major debate. Those that have it know the benefits it offers.

Those that don’t think it’s a waste of time and money and they don’t need it – that is they don’t need it right now – but later? That may be a whole different can of worms.

The question still remains though, how does one get affordable health insurance in this economy? How does one stay safe and be covered and not be broke? Good questions and the answers are highly individual to each person’s specific situation. Of course, the bottom line is and will always be what dollars are there to go around in the household to pay for everything from soup to nuts and still include health insurance plans? This is even more of an issue when you are considering buying individual insurance and you happen to be self-employed – meaning your income will vary wildly from month to month.

Being self-employed and wanting insurance means finding a way to budget it and doing with less someplace else. Why is this a smart idea even if it hurts? It’s smart because if you are hurt, need medical care and don’t have health insurance, then your business may go under because you need the funds to pay the medical bills. If you work for someone else; well, lucky is the worker who has their health care costs picked up by the company.

Let’s say you want individual health insurance and you work for yourself or for someone else – either way, your premiums will vary depending on what you choose in terms of health insurance plans. Things like co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles are costly, but they are usually the plans with lower premiums.

So there you have it, the health insurance plans with lower initial costs usually have higher premiums, and the health plans that mean you need to use a network (like HMOs) will cost less. What to choose? You choose what your personal preference is, as health insurance coverage is a highly individualized thing.

Can any of these choices be done on a budget? You bet they can, as despite prevailing opinion that no one can afford health insurance, there are affordable health insurance policies out there for everyone. It’s just that some people, no matter how reasonable a health insurance plan is, still won’t buy one for their own reasons. For those individuals, when life happens, they too will see the necessity of needing health insurance.

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Health Insurance Quotes May Be Affected by Health Care Reform

In one of our last blog entries, we discussed the fact that there are two sides to the argument that health insurance rates are going to go up – those who say no, the competition will drive the rates down versus those who say with a higher medical loss ratio, the rates will go up. Since we don’t have any real way to figuring out what will “really” happen, we’re left trying to monitor online news about what is happening in the health insurance industry. What are some of the major carriers going to do when the medical loss ratio goes up to 80%?

Well lately, it seems there has been more speculation that when the loss ratio goes up, so does the price of the premiums. That actually makes sense because an insurance company is a business, and what business do you know will willingly run at a loss for their customers? If you said no business would do that or they’d go bankrupt, you’d be right. That means if the prices are quite likely to go up with the advent of health care reform, then you might want to think about getting health insurance NOW, and not later.

Your dollars, your health care, your choice – make it one that makes sense financially and health wise.

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Most Health Insurance Plans Don’t Cover Autism

Most health insurance plans don’t cover autism. That may be about to change based on a bill being considered in Missouri.

Autism is far more common than we realize, but what many people don’t realize is that most health insurance plans do not provide coverage for this neurological condition. Generally speaking, since each autistic individual is different, autism causes them to have mild to severe problems communicating with others and also struggle with social interactions. In many cases, the most opportune time for intervention is in early childhood and working with a variety of programs that will help them to be able to live a near normal life.

As you might expect, treatment for this disorder runs to the tens of thousands of dollars each year and most parents don’t have access to that kind of money. Sadly, most health insurance plans won’t cover it either. However, there is encouraging news on the horizon, in the form of a bill in the works in Missouri that would require many health insurance carriers to cover autism.

The legislation mandates health insurance plans to cover up to $45,000 annually for applied behavioral analysis therapy (from a licensed provider) for kids under 18. To avoid the possibility of fraud from people posing as therapists, or less than honest therapists wanting to cash in on the insurance wagon, the state is planning on creating a new licensing process. If the bill is signed by the governor, the new rules would roll out on the 1st of January, 2011.

One of the other benefits of this bill is that it includes an annual adjustment of the cap that is tagged to inflation. While it sounds good on first read, those with autistic children do need to know there are some potential catches. Those catches would be that the law would only apply to group health insurance plans regulated by the state; that would mean plans bought through small to mid-sized companies.

For larger corporations, ones who self-insure, this bill would not apply, as they are federally regulated. For any small business that has fewer than 50 workers, an exemption may apply if they prove that the mandate caused their rates to rise over 2.5% the previous year. In a nutshell, there will be various options that include autism coverage for treatment and for diagnosis, but this will not be attached to all of the plans sold in the state.

This is great news that may have many other applications nationwide if the bill proves to be a success and keeps the overall health care budget down, thanks to early intervention allowing those with autism to live a fairly normal life.

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