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Health Care Reform May or May Not Be Here To Stay

The debate over health care reform is not as volatile as it once was. Now, with the change in the makeup up the House, things might be different. The thing to consider is this: if the House is not able to deal with the energy crisis, the economic crisis, the comprehensive immigration crisis (and the list goes on), how will they deal with health care reform?

A House with a completely different composition passed health care reform. This is politics we are talking about, and in politics, whichever way the wind blows is how the House and Senate vote. This does not bode well for the future of health care reform. Some may say “yay!” and others may have regrets for the possible demise of a promising step forward in American health care.

How do you feel about it?

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Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

What to Do If You Have No Health Insurance

Millions of Americans do not have health insurance because of the cost, the coverage or they don’t think they have an actual need for it. While it’s certainly a personal choice, one thing should always be kept in the back of your mind. At some point, everyone will need medical assistance; that’s just how life happens to be.

Get educated about the various plans on the market. While they may appear to be confusing, talking to a health insurance broker will take care of that for you. After all, it might be as easy as finding out what the differences are between a Health Savings Account, a Co-Pay or Major Medical Insurance.

For example, one of the most reasonable plans is the Co-Pay plan. It co-pays expenses for doctors, medication and prevention. Instead of paying the full bill for a visit to the physician, you only pay a portion of the fee and most people find that to be affordable.

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance, Life Insurance.

Do You Need Health Insurance or Not?

n most instances, people honestly DO need health insurance. While they may think they are immune to life’s ups and downs, the first time they have a broken bone and get an enormous bill for the medical care, they’ll realize health insurance is crucial. Sure, having health insurance is a personal decision, but not having it may result in a catastrophic mess.

If you have a heart attack and you have no health insurance, the costs will wipe you out. Bad things do happen and your health can change in the blink of an eye. Do you want to put your family in a major bind paying your health expenses?

Now is the time make a call to your local health insurance agent and find out what plans they have that fit your budget. It may literally save your financial life not to mention your health.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance, Life Insurance.

Health Insurance Needs Are Different for Everyone

It’s not unusual to find out that people generally have no clue what they want when it comes to health insurance. This explains why a large portion of the American population isn’t insured. There are just so many options, exclusions, major this, co-pay that, high deductible plans, savings plans and, and, the list goes on. People throw up their hands in confusion and just walk away. Check in with an expert health insurance broker and get information you can use right away, minus the jargon.

Contact someone in-the-know to explain the various things that may apply to your situation. Talking to a local health insurance agent saves you time and money. They can steer you in the direction of a plan that matches your budget.

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Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Online Health Insurance Plans Sounds Great, but You Can’t Get Them

You found a great health insurance plan online and that is the one you want. You’ve decided it sounds just like what you need and it’s a good price. You call the health insurance agent and find out that you can’t get that plan despite the fact that it’s on their website. What the heck is up with that?

The fact is that you likely don’t qualify for “that” plan because you have pre-existing conditions and the plan you read about is for someone who is a lot younger and in prime physical health. Real reality and virtual reality are two different things. The fact is your circumstances may not match the “ideal” qualifications of that plan on the site. Always call a health insurance broker for free advice and talk about what would suit you. It’s time well spent.

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Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Everything Online Is Not Gospel When It Comes to Health Insurance

Take everything you read online on a health insurance website with a grain of salt. Oh, not because it may be wrong, but because it might not apply to you. It might not apply to you because more of the quotes cited online refer to a preferred rate; to someone who is in optimal health and usually younger. This is one of the major reasons you need to speak directly to the health insurance broker to find out what you need to know about how the rates apply to “you.”

Sure, ask about the rates you saw on the website. The bottom line is that companies can only put just so much information on their site. There’s just way too much of it for anyone to be able to read and absorb, particularly if they are not health insurance savvy. Many of the plans on the site have different interpretations. So call your health insurance agent for a chat.

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Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Beneficial Heath Savings Accounts

While it’s true that many people do find a health savings account to be beneficial, there are just as many that think it’s a major pain. Some people don’t like to save and some don’t know how to save effectively. If that is the case, then a health savings account might not make sense for you. You have to figure out first of all if you would actually use it or not, as in remember to add money monthly.

The whole idea behind health savings accounts is that the money tucked away will grow over time, and the more you add, the better off you are when it comes to paying for regular medical care, or medical emergencies. If there isn’t any money in the health savings account, it isn’t any benefit. The good thing is that there are lots of other options on the market from which to choose. When in doubt, talk to your local health insurance broker for advice.

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Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Insurance that Works

Everyone wants health insurance that works for them, gives them the coverage they need, and offers reasonable premiums. This isn’t something you can just go out shopping for and find within half an hour. You will need to speak to an expert insurance broker. They know all the insider knowledge you won’t find on websites and they can tell you right away the differences between a co-pay plan and a Health Savings Account. There are other options and they have the expertise to help you through all the questions you have and get what you want and need.

Just because something is on a website, don’t assume that what you get is exactly what is written on the site’s description. Why? Because everyone who needs health insurance needs something different and no two people will have the same thing. Every provision or condition may be interpreted differently by different companies. Don’t assume something is the case; ask to be sure.

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Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

The Co-Pay Versus a Health Savings Account

If you have a co-pay plan, this is NOT the same thing as a Health Savings Account. We’re not sure why there is this kind of confusion over the two, but a lot of families who tried HSAs found out they don’t care for paying full freight at the doctor’s office. We’ve even heard stories of those who had HSAs wanting to switch back to a co-pay plan. The co-pay is a whole lot more popular because the cost of paying for medical care is lower at the doc’s office.

The likely reason that co-pay plans are preferred is because the benefits are visible right away when you pay that doctor’s bill. With the HSAs you save aside money every month for medical expenses and you have a High Deductible Health Plan. In plain English it means you pay for health benefits up to a certain dollar amount. If the bill is more than what the benefits cover, you pay for them out of your Health Savings Account.

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Posted on Sunday, February 14th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance.

Is a Health Savings Account for You?

There’s always been a debate about Health Savings Accounts and they may not be the right thing for some people. They got a lot of press attention, but still, many people don’t truly understand what they will do for them. Ideally, if you don’t understand what the benefits of an HSA are, call your local health insurance broker for information.

An HSA is a savings account, and if you don’t think you’d be opening one, then this may not be the way to save for your medical expenses. You also have to have the “save money” mindset to make this work. So, if you spend what you get when you get it, a health savings account might not suit your lifestyle. But, it does have some terrific advantages that you could at least check out.

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Posted on Sunday, February 14th, 2010. Filed under Health Insurance, Life Insurance.