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It Costs What?

It seems there is never a dull moment when it comes to medical care in the U.S. today. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, and they do. However, the amount charged for medical care today is outrageously high and never seems to be the same. How is that? It all has to do with the fact that doctors and hospitals can darn well charge whatever they want. Who is going to challenge them? More to the point, really, who can pay those high bills without insurance?

With health insurance, part of a medical bill is covered. Without it, you pay full price, and it might not be the same amount each time you need help. Typically though, you can count on it being higher each time you need care. Where does it stop? Seems like it doesn’t stop, and that is the most frightening thing of all. Who is going to fix this? Right now, who knows?

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Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

The Health Insurance Industry is Slowly Changing

You might not have noticed that your employer is slowly cutting back on the health insurance benefits you get at work. You may have had just about full coverage before and now, several years later, you are carrying the cost of at least 50 percent of your premium payments. You are hearing rumors that you will soon be paying up to 70 percent, and perhaps lose the health insurance benefit entirely.

This is a sign of the times. Health insurance is very expensive for employers and they are looking for ways to reduce their costs. One of the ways to do that is to reduce health benefits or drop them completely. Be smart. Read the writing on the wall and start shopping around for your own health insurance. Be prepared, just in case, or it will be even tougher to find what you want.

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Posted on Saturday, April 28th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Cheap Health Insurance is Not Always the Best Insurance

While it’s nice to find a cheap insurance policy, you have to find out what it covers and what it does not cover. Chances are you will find the policy just does not meet your needs, but it is a good price. Warning: do not buy insurance just because it is cheap. If you do, you may find out later, at the most inappropriate time, that it does not cover what you thought it did. Guess who pays the bills then? Right, you do.

Additionally, it may also be the wrong policy for you. This isn’t to say that insurance agents deliberately sell people cheap policies that won’t cover their needs. However, if someone calls and says the policy they want is the least expensive one, and despite what the agent says, they insist on buying it, they are responsible for the consequences later when they find out it doesn’t cover their emergency. Ask the insurance agent what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. Be informed and on top of your coverage and health, because no one else will do it for you.

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Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Get Your Health Insurance Now While the Prices are Still Reasonable

Don’t wait for 2014 until you are forced to go find health insurance. Why? Because waiting until the last minute virtually guarantees you higher rates. Act now. Insurance rates are still affordable and even downright reasonable, so long as you know where to look. It may take some time to find something that works for your budget, but there are companies out there that are willing to work with you and your budget.

Right now, there is fairly stiff competition as the industry starts to get geared up for the landslide number of people who will wait for the last possible minute to pass before they get health insurance. That means there are deals to attract customers; reasonable deals you could take advantage of right now. If you wait, the prices will go higher because the insurance industry has been told to refuse no one, which hikes their risk. That increased risk will be passed down to you, the consumer.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Pricing Tends To Be Variable, So Do Not Be Surprised

Pricing health insurance may well give you a headache, because it seems like every site you visit is quoting different figures. In fact, you may even find the same health insurance policy on several sites and discover wildly different costs.

The reason for that is health insurance companies set their own rates or, you could look at it another way, and that is that they charge what they think the market will bear. So, shop around and you may be pleased to discover you can so get a good deal on health insurance. Just because one site has a higher price for a policy does not mean that policy is any better than a policy on a site with a lower cost. It only means the first company thinks they can charge more. Evidently, they can too, as people are obviously paying those prices. Be smart and shop around. It could save you bucks.

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Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Care Reform is Long Overdue

There is no question that health care reform is long overdue and that the costs of keeping the present system up and running is literally astronomical. However, just what are we really going to do about it? There is the health care reform act, the health insurance exchanges, the mandate that no one can be refused health insurance and if you don’t have health insurance in place by 2014, you get fined. How does this help us? Does it really provide us with cost effective health care when the insurance companies will just turn around and hike their prices to consumers?

Health insurance companies will not go broke over any of the changes about to come into effect. Instead, they will pass along their potential loss of revenue to the customers, and there you go, higher insurance rates. Feels like a merry-go-round doesn’t it; one that you’d like to get off and just get on with life without the high price of health care and health insurance. Can the politicians do it? Have you got any better ideas?

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Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance, Life Insurance.

How Much Do Medical Procedures Cost?

If you’re like most of us, you often wonder how much your doctor makes when they see you. Or you wonder what that operation you just had was billed out at. You’ll know how much when you get the bill later, but we mean, what is the real cost of health care, not the inflated cost the system is gouging people to pay. If you knew just what something cost, it would be a major, shocking revelation. If you don’t think the prices are inflated and over-the-top in some instances, think again.

If you knew just how much it really cost to see a doctor, go to the ER or urgent care, fix a broken ankle, battle pneumonia or hand out antibiotics for a strep throat, you would be thinking twice about using any doctor’s office, ER or urgent care facility as your one stop medical shop for colds, coughs and bouts of flu. You would not run for care for a cut, bumps or bruises or stop by to ask for the latest medication out on the market that you heard about. Use the system wisely, or it will use you.

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Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

No Guarantees for Health Insurance Plans

Just because you asked for a health insurance quote doesn’t mean you will actually get the health insurance plan you want/need. Millions of Americans face a dilemma today of having pre-existing conditions, making them a high risk and therefore declined by many insurance companies. In addition, if someone would issue them a policy, the premium would be astronomical because they were a high risk.

While many people may want insurance, they just might not be able to get it unless they opt to get insurance through the state risk pool. While it might not be what you want, it may be less expensive and you still have health insurance that will work for you.

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Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health Care Reform Will Bring What?

Well, isn’t that the burning question of the day. What will health care reform bring to Joe and Josephine American and their kids and extended family? If anyone has the answer, feel free to let us know, because if you listen to the political gab, you are likely still in the dark. We have a sneaking suspicion that is the case because the politicians don’t have a clue what will happen either.

How do you vote? Good question, particularly if health care is a serious issue for you. No matter what age you are, provided you are voting age, health care affects you directly – now and for the future. What will your future hold with the advent of health insurance exchanges and mandatory health insurance?

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Posted on Saturday, April 14th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.

Cut the Cost of Health Insurance Premiums by Being a Smart Buyer

There really are ways to reduce the amount you pay for premiums every month. Consider hiking your deductible. Yes, you will pay more money out of pocket before you hit the max ceiling, but your premiums are lower and you still have the coverage you want. Consider opting for a co-pay arrangement. Just get only the kind of coverage you need. Faithfully use generic drugs. Stay healthy.

Sound simple? It is actually and the point is the more you do to keep your costs down, the better things will look for you when you need to make a claim. Yes, you may go a few years without using your health insurance, but the day you do need it, is the day you are thankful you kept up coverage, particularly if you are staring at a $10,000 bill for a broken leg. And no, you don’t save money by not having health insurance. The opposite is true instead. You would be in massive debt without it. Health insurancemakes ‘cents.’

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Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2012. Filed under Health Insurance.