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When Possible, Choose a Subsidized Group Insurance Plan

Workers at smaller companies are often offered group health insurance as a benefit. In fact, many potential employees consider it a major factor when making their employment decisions.

Group health insurance is frequently less expensive than far more limited personal insurance policies.

Individual insurance is often very expensive. Even if a person opts to buy personal coverage through a health exchange, he or she will likely pay more than a person participating in a company group policy.

Group health premiums are lower. Workers may not be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, a major benefit for many Americans. Additionally, most group health plans let workers extend their coverage to their families and/or dependents.

Whether the group health plan offers HMOs or PPOs (the two major types of plans), there is usually something for everyone.

If you have the chance to get group health insurance for a lower cost than your personal policy, you and your family will benefit.

Posted on Thursday, February 27th, 2014. Filed under Group Insurance.

Surprisingly Affordable, a Life Insurance Policy Could Offer Your Family Crucial Support

Life insurance policies are much more affordable than most people realize. Moreover, they offer priceless support to families of deceased loved ones.

When someone dies without life insurance, those left behind suddenly face a dire financial predicament. That person’s income is no longer a part of the household. Kids will need school supplies. Spouses need medical care. What about the mortgage?

Without the protection life insurance offers, a family may have to grieve and face devastating lifestyle changes simultaneously in order to cope with their new reality.

For a few pennies a day, one can find a life insurance policy that suits individual circumstances and leaves a family a legacy of love. Money can never bring a person back, but it can allow a family to continue their lives while adjusting to a loss.

Life insurance policies are one of the best ways to protect loved ones. Ask a qualified insurance broker for more details.

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014. Filed under Life Insurance.

Medicare Insurance Policies Work in Tandem

You reach an age to qualify for Medicare, and suddenly, things seem more complex than ever. You have more health challenges to conquer, and you are not sure how Medicare will serve you. In fact, Medicare does not cover everything you need it to cover.

In such a situation, you should check into Medigap plans to fill in those Medicare coverage holes.

It is a bit like playing chess. You need to move your piece (you) to be covered and protected from attack. So, you sign up for Medicare and figure out what you are missing, then act. By signing up for a Medigap plan, you can fill those needs.

It is actually a whole lot simpler than you may think. Medicare does most of the defensive battling for you as primary coverage. Medigap provides the support that makes the whole board work for you.

The ability to tailor your health insurance coverage is appealing to many older Americans. Move wisely. Medicare and Medigap are health partners created to work in tandem to protect you.

Posted on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014. Filed under Medicare.

Health Insurance is Vital for Every American

A surprising number of Americans still insist that they cannot afford health insurance, no matter how inexpensive it may be. However, that assertion creates a real conundrum: citizens must carry health insurance to avoid facing large fines.

A policy does not need to present devastating upfront costs to you. Even a policy purchased through a health exchange easily proves its worth. Those without any kind of insurance face the costs of all medical services and procedures alone.

Medical care in the United States is not cheap. If you happen to be in an accident, you may need all sorts of care. Without coverage, anything from a broken wrist to months of inpatient hospital care could cripple your finances. How would you pay your bills without some form of health insurance?

Many defer their health insurance choices, hoping to save money during times of good health. But good health can leave you without warning.

Reconsider. Choose to carry health insurance.

Posted on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014. Filed under Health Insurance.