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Alternatives should be Provided in Health Insurance Quotes

Shopping for health insurance is about tenacity and also about comparisons. It is not always easy to find a good site to roll out the facts ma’am and give you side-by-side quotes. When you find a site like that, you have literally struck gold. Try and you will be very pleased at the results you get when you hit search for quotes.

Benepath will save time and money, and is that not what it is all about when it comes to finding a decent health insurance quote? We all hate to spend a lot of time fussing about quotes and plans and co-pay this and that. Since Benepath spells it out for you, you spend less time wondering what you’re going to get.

This does not mean you should not call them and ask questions. It means you have more information to work with and knowledge is savvy purchasing power.

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Why Choose Co-Pay Plans When Something Else May Work Better?

People really hate the unknown. The fear of trying something different after being used to something they liked. Co-pay benefits are like that. If you worked for a company that offered co-pay, you got used to seeing the doctor and having the tab picked up by the company. You might even have had some of the diagnostics picked up as well.

If you quit the company and go out on your own, and still want a co-pay arrangement, you are going to get the shock of your life. They are very high end expensive, and the premiums are prohibitive for a solo person. They are usually something larger companies and corporations choose to have on hand as a perk for their workers.

Although it is a shock trying to adjust from a co-pay arrangement to one where you are paying the bills, it can be done with grace and not a lot of cash either. You just have to be smart and shop around to see what kind of deals you can get to suit your circumstances and budget.

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Is There Good Value in Co-Pays?

This is another interesting question, and it all depends on your point of view as to whether or not you are getting good value for your money. Look at it this way. Picture an expensive restaurant with an a la carte menu. Most of them do not tell you how much the dish you ordered is going to cost you when all is said and done. However, no matter what you do order and consume, you have to pay for it. Well, It is the same thing with co-pays. A co-pay plan may pay about $40 for a $50 benefit.

If you’re hooked on co-pay because you think you are getting value for your dollar, you might want to take another look at that assumption. The co-pay really only covers the doctors office visit. If you go any place else for tests, you pay the freight. It is extra. Sad but true, many people have no idea how much the real cost of service is when they visit the doctor.

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Co-Pay Only Covers the Visit to the Doctor

You might not know this, so here is the scoop. Co-pay coverage only pays for the visit to the doctor – period. It does NOT pay for lab tests and other things ordered. Those are separate, and those add up quickly. So be prepared.

This is one of those situations where you really need to know what your co-pay plan actually offers, not find out later. It is a funny thing, really, that a lot of people feel they pay less at the doctor’s office when they have co-pay coverage. That’s not the truth.

For instance, co-pay only pays about $30 for a $40 benefit. It is a small benefit, and not really worth it! Know what your co-pay plan really does cover and how much. This will save you some nasty surprises later.

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Health Care Costs Are What?

You might not want to know this type of information, but actually it is vital that you do if you are to understand the pickle the health care system is in today. Let’s take the example of a broken leg. The price tag for that misadventure is over $20,000.00 – you read that right, over twenty thousand dollars. And that is just for a non-complicated fracture. If there is anything else that needs to be done – listen to the ka-ching!

If you have health insurance this is a bonus, if you do not, guess who pays the bill. Right – you do. How many Americans in this day an age have $20,000.00 on hand to pay that kind of bill? Not many. This is precisely what insurance is for – the major catastrophic events in your life, not the sniffles and fever.

Get wise to how much you pay for services when you demand health care, and you will start to see just how much sense it actually makes to be insured and not take the chance.

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Life Stage Health Insurance Plans

Life Stage Health Insurance Plans
Categories: Health Insurance Posted by jferris on 7/17/2011 2:50 PM | Comments (0)

It only makes good common sense to figure that if you are 20-something, your insurance needs are going to be far different than if you are 50-something. Well, pick any two ages that are diverse enough and you will get the idea.

But still, what do you need and how do you know what you need? Tough questions, and ones that you really should get answered by insurance agents who know what they are talking about. It is fine to go online and search for answers to your questions, but you have to realize that you won’t find all the answers. It is totally impossible to put everything you need to know online.

Pick up the phone and make a call to a local agent and start asking questions. If you want to start with what you found on the website, go ahead, but remember that what you see on websites is the preferred rate for the “perfect” insured. There are not too many perfect insured’s out there.

You will need different things at 20-something – like protection for a broken leg. At 50-something you may be shopping for high blood pressure meds. Ask the agent, and don’t guess, or you will wind up getting something that will not work for you.

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Big Name Health Insurance Quotes – Are They Better?

Well, maybe the better question is are the big name health insurance company health insurance quotes any better than others? In some instances they may well be, if you happen to be working from the point of view of managing an existing condition and can prove it. This of course goes to certain riders or waivers. They may also have some dandy deals for you – but – having said that, READ THE FINE PRINT.

Big name companies are not as flexible in offering you various things that may make your health insurance quote just that much more personal. They are a big box company and they offer what they offer – period. This is a little like using brand name drugs. Just because it is a big brand name does not mean they/it are going to be good for you.

Smaller companies tend to offer better, more personal service because they are genuinely happy to have you as a customer. They are there to help you get what you need. So go for the personal service and better rates. You’ll be happy you did, and so will your checkbook.

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Your Own Personal Health Insurance Quote

If you want personal health insurance, then you have to get a personal health insurance quote. It is just that simple. This is why you want to be calling your local health insurance agent, because they know what’s what in the various local networks. Hey, It is free advice and the quote is custom tailored to your needs.

To get what you want, you have to share what you need and what your goals are with the agent. Might as well be honest about it too, because if you aren’t and you get caught later, you run the risk of having your health care insurance yanked. So include pre-existing conditions, plans for a family, or health problems the children have, etc.

This information lets the agent find a plan that works for you and your family. Honestly, there are hundreds of various options and you sure will not find them all online. So use health insurance agents who know their stuff and take the hassle out of trying to find something that works. There are thousands of options out there, and you can’t read about all of them online.

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Reasonable Health Insurance a Reality

Yes, there really is such a thing as reasonable health insurance quotes. It does, however, take a bit of hunting to find them. However, having said that, it is not like the great quest for the Fountain of Youth. It is as easy as click 1-2-3.

Search local insurance agents for better prices than the big boys offer. There’s nothing wrong with shopping with the big companies. However, there are two drawbacks that may affect what you ultimately get – no side-by-side comparisons of plans and the plans are general in nature; not specific to what you may really need. Remember to also not jump at the first cheapest price you see. If you do, you may give up benefits you need.

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Are Brand Name Drugs Really That Good?

Interesting question, and the answer is it appears that they may not be as good as the manufacturers would have you believe. It seems recent studies are actually indicating that the new hot shot kids on the block are no where near as effective as some of the dear old standbys. And the best thing is, they cost a great deal less as well. Can’t beat that!

Just because you saw a new drug on TV does not mean you need to rush to your doctor and ask for it. This is not like an ice cream flavor of the month, not to mention it will cost you more to get the latest drug as well.

Ask yourself if you really need the drug, or are mostly just curious, and while you’re at it, ask the doctor if something else a lot less expensive will work just as well at a fraction of the price. This is smart consumerism in action.

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