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Health Insurance Used to be Sold Door-to-Door

Can you imagine health insurance being sold door-to-door? On the phone? Via snail mail, flyers and posters? That is the way it used to be sold. Now, you just go online and enter a search term for the kind of health insurance you are interested in, and suddenly, a whole world of insurance companies are at your beck and call, waiting for you to ask for a quote. It’s much easier than it used to be to get information as well, since most of what you need to know is right on the website. What you don’t see, just call the contact number or email them and ask questions.

Health insurance is still the number one thing you need to have in your life, aside from your friends and family. Without it, you are out on a limb should you need medical care. Back then, things were not as expensive as they are now, and if you ever got slapped with a $30,000 bill for medical care, you’d be hard pressed to pay for it, and that is a smaller amount. Imagine what heart surgery would cost? Take your life seriously, because no one else will. Get health insurance now.

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Health Insurance is Your First Down Partner if You Get Hurt

Thinking that health insurance might be a good idea since your best buddy just got hammered in a car accident and will be in hospital for several months recovering? He had no health insurance and his bills are the stuff nightmares are made of. He is kicking himself now for not having insurance, because he thought he could save the money. He did save money alright, but it won’t do him much good now, not when a one day stay in hospital and his initial care will total well over $4,000. Scary isn’t it? It’s the wake-up call you never expected and time to get serious about protecting your own health. Start now by going online and surfing several insurance websites. Get any idea of what is out there. Write stuff down. Ask questions and get what you need to know to make an informed decision. You never want to be in the same place your buddy is in.

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Denied Health Insurance because You Weigh 420 pounds?

Being morbidly obese is tough on you health wise, but then you already know that, because that is all you hear when you go to the doctor. Whether you got to that weight due to lifestyle choices or genetics or other circumstances, you still need to have some form of insurance. Most companies look at your sideways and suggest your premiums will be very high because of your weight, implying without directly saying that it must have been your choice to be that heavy. This isn’t the case in many instances, but those who deal with obesity have a tough time getting reasonably priced insurance.

The reason for that is because the more you weigh, the greater your chances for serious medical complications. Yes, the same thing your doctor has been telling you for years. The more you use the system, the higher your premiums will likely be, as the insurance company is footing part of your bills and don’t want to lose money on you.

If you do get insurance, be prepared to pay extra. It is what it is. If you do not, you might want to look into the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), a temporary program, bridging the gap between now and 2014. At that time, it will be illegal to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions.

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Did You Do Your Online Search for Health Insurance Quotes with Your List in Hand?

It isn’t hard to do an online search for health insurance. It’s just frustrating if you do not have a list to work with when you get online. Never surf without a list of what you need to have to be completely covered. List everything you can think of, from what budget amount you want to stick with to what you want to pay for a deductible. Have a list of all the medications you take, write out how often (on average) you see a doctor every year, whether you want to stay with your current doctor or not, and what other items you want to add to your health insurance policy.

It is always smart to be prepared when you ask for instance quotes and it makes the process easier to have what you want spelled out. Use the same information for all the companies you ask for a quote, that way you can compare apples and apples, not apples and oranges. Just chunk the information down into smaller amounts and go from there. When in doubt about something, call the agent directly. That’s what they are there for.

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Health Insurance is not All the Same, just Similar

Health insurance policies are not all the same, although they may be similar in many respects. While the basics may be the same from policy to policy, there are other items that are applicable only to the person who is buying the policy. For this reason it is not a good idea to take the time to read your policy.

Or if you aren’t up to doing that, thinking the legal mumbo jumbo is too much to understand, ask the insurance agent for a capsule summary of what you need to know. For instance, what does the policy cover and not cover, what is the co-pay, what is the deductible, what else is covered and so forth. Just don’t make the mistake that many people make of not knowing what their policy says and finding out later what they thought was in it, was not.

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Is Health Insurance Really that Critical?

Some think health insurance is a luxury. Others feel it is too expensive for what it provides. Some see the value and have it, because they know if they got hurt or sick, they would need the help. Is there are right or wrong choice to make when it comes to health care? Many argue they have no money to buy it and have to do without. Those very people are the ones who get into a jam when they need medical care, have no insurance and have to foot the total medical bill. They can’t do it. Across the nation, there are ever increasing numbers of people going bankrupt over their inability to pay their medical bills in combination with their other debts.

Bankruptcy or health insurance that helps defray costs in bad situations? Finding the extra money each month to pay for health insurance may be one of the wisest moves you even make. While you could gamble and say you are in good health, what happens if you go to work one day and get hit by a semi? Without insurance, your only recourse is suing and a long, cash strapped wait for justice. You up for that?

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Health Insurance is Necessary, but Should You Get it Now or Later or Never?

Listen in on coffee row across the nation, and find out that one of the biggest, ongoing debates deals with whether or not to get health insurance now, later or not at all. Some think now is better, because there are good deals to be had and competition is a good thing. Others say why not wait until 2014 and get what’s going, but who really knows that that will be? And then, there is a group that thinks not buying insurance will save them big bucks. Not so.

Is there a right and wrong choice here? Not really. It is still up to the individual to choose what works for them. However, if they end up in an accident, and do not have health insurance, they usually wish they had taken it out, no matter what the expense, because they can’t pay the bills. So really, the issue is whether or not you can afford to pay for unexpected medical bills. Most people without insurance can’t, which creates a problem for them. While is it their choice, Americans really can’t afford to not have insurance.

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So You’re Addicted to Drugs? Why Do Insurance Companies Care?

This is always a very tough situation to be in. Finding out that you are addicted to drugs is a devastating thing to come to terms with, but more than that, it puts you at high risk for other complications. Being addicted to a drug has far reaching consequences and a brutal effect on your body. If the drug of choice is cocaine, heroin or perhaps bath salts, your body is in no shape to stay healthy. You see more doctors more often, when you are lucid enough to do so. Your world is falling apart; your health going downhill. You lose your insurance or can no longer get anyone to insure you. Why?

The answer is that insurance companies do not typically insure those who indulge in self-destructive behaviors. Those who do so then make more demands on the health care system and the price of care creeps up over time. High risk individuals are too risky to insure, as the company would take a loss of them. While that may sound morally bankrupt of the insurance company to leave a person out on a limb, the choice to be there is theirs, and since the insurance company is running a business, their preferred customer is a healthy one that takes care of themselves.

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Affordable Health Insurance Quotes are Available Now

Take advantage of affordable health insurance quotes now, before 2014.

Anticipation is running high for more changes to the health care system in 2014. People are beginning to realize that if they don’t get insurance now, then they will have to get insurance, or else they will be fined. What a conundrum. Is there any way around it? Yes, go online now and check out the affordable health insurance quotes that are available. It’s best to act now, as no one knows for sure what the prices will be like in 2014.
The chance that policies will be higher in 2014 is quite likely, simply based on the fact that insurance companies have been told they may not refuse to insure anyone, even those with pre-existing conditions. Since insurance companies are businesses, they want to make money to cover the risks associated with insuring high risk people. That generally means higher priced premiums. Act now to find affordable health insurance quotes and get a policy in place to beat the last minute rush.

The bottom line in health care these days is you need to have health insurance – now or later. There is no other sensible choice. Without health insurance, you will be dinged to pay the enormous bill you incurred for medical services rendered without the benefit of health insurance. Do you have over $100,000 for heart surgery? More than $30,000 for a broken leg or arm? $15,000 or more for a two-day stay in hospital for pneumonia? You get the picture. No insurance, no one to help pay the bill. With insurance, you have help. It’s pretty straightforward.

Some type of health insurance is necessary, whether it is basic coverage or a deluxe plan that covers just about everything. In other words, the choice is up to you to take advantage of the best options that suit your lifestyle. There are many ways to reduce the cost of your premiums, like increasing the deductible. Ask your insurance agent about how to save money on health insurance. They get asked that all the time, and have no issues letting you know what you can do to save money.

The most important thing is that you start now to search for affordable health insurance quotes. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and may be done in the comfort of your own home. Right now, there are a number of really good deals and the competition in the insurance industry is to your advantage. Get a deal now, rather than take a chance that later there are no deals and you get what you get.

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Health Insurance Quotes Will Go Up Under the Affordable Care Act

by: Clelland Green

There are three key pieces of the Affordable Care Act which will cause health insurance premiums to rise faster than they would otherwise.

  1. Guaranteed Issue – The mandate will ease this expense, but providing everyone coverage regardless of their health will cause premiums for people who are healthy and presently buy their own insurance to skyrocket. This impact will be felt in the individual and small group markets and not in the large group market.
  2. More Demand without An Increase in Supply – If you significantly increase demand for any service or product and you do not have a corresponding increase in supply, prices will rise. If 30 million more people obtain health insurance (current CBO estimate is between 30 and 33 million by 2016) that will cause an increase in health care demand of at least 5% and possibly more. Most of this increase will come from the expansion of Medicaid which will create supply shortages throughout the country and will be felt particularly hard in urban areas. The result of this expansion will be further cost shifting to private insurance as Medicaid reimbursement rates are significantly below market rates – even heavily discounted market rates. Bottom line, doctors and hospitals will charge private plans more and the premiums for those plans will rise.
  3. Minimum Coverage – Currently people buy high deductible plans and other health insurance products where the benefits are limited in such a way as to provide an affordable plan. Exchange based plans do not have those features. Aetna’s CEO Mark T. Bertolini gave the WSJ’s health blogan example of a 40 year old Texan currently buying a $5000 deductible policy is paying $189/month and the cheapest exchange plan will cost him more than $450/month. The $3000 premium difference more than offsets the higher out of pocket expenses of the cheaper plan, which are not $3000 more than the bronze plan.

While these provisions may be popular, they are going to have a significant impact on the lives of middle class Americans who desparately need reform that will help control the cost curve.

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