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Affordable Health Insurance Quotes a Bonus

With today’s instant this and that technology, it’s so easy to get affordable health insurance quotes you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before now. Without too much stress or hassle you can go to one site and find out all you need to know about health insurance plans, make a list of points you want to cover, and then start asking about health insurance quotes.

Affordable health insurance is a real necessity these days, as it’s harder for people to keep a job. That means many Americans are losing their health insurance coverage. While it’s understandable that people would opt to go without health insurance, it’s not a smart idea in case something happens. And just because they have lost their job does not necessarily mean that they can’t afford health insurance. It’s all in the plan they choose. Shop around online for health insurance plans that are reasonably priced. No one wants to be without health insurance.

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Posted on Monday, February 25th, 2013. Filed under Health Insurance.

Health insurance plans are your lifeline for the future

Many Americans do not have health insurance. They feel they cannot afford it.

Perhaps there is indeed some truth to the fact that many Americans cannot afford monthly insurance premiums. At least, from their point of view, they do not have the extra funds to pay for health insurance plans. While it is an understandable dilemma, the bigger picture is this: without health insurance, you will have to pay a huge medical bill if you need care and do not have health insurance.

So, the question then becomes, “What would you rather have happen? Scrimp a bit to pay a monthly premium and have medical bills covered, or get a bill from the E.R. for setting a broken wrist, which runs about $20,000 or more?” Most people would be horrified to get a bill that large. If they have to stay in a hospital overnight, or require surgery, that bill is even higher. How would they pay for it?

The answer to that question is they would not be able to pay it, and in addition to their usual monthly financial obligations, they would be saddled with a bill that may take years to pay off. Some find themselves in the situation of having to declare bankruptcy as a result of medical bills. Most of those kinds of situations are avoidable by having even a basic health insurance plan.

Now is the time to line up health insurance plans for the whole family, before you are fined for not being covered. It is also a smart time to source your health insurance, as you have the ability to pick and choose what you really need and what works for you, even if it is a very basic policy.

Any coverage is, at times, better than none. Mind you, that largely depends on what coverage you choose, and that choice is up to you. You would, of course, opt for coverage that best reflects your needs and not pay for things you would not need. That is then what you pay for, rather than trying to figure out how on earth you pay a medical bill so high, you would never make that much in two years.

If you already have insurance, then do you know if it is doing a good job for you? Here’s how to tell if it is not doing a good job. Your doctor’s office has hinted they won’t be using your insurer in the future, other people have sued the insurance company for fraud, they won’t let you raise your deductible to bring down your monthly premium, and prescription drugs are not covered.

The most frustrating spot to be in though is when trying to file a claim and you can’t get anyone on the phone and get stalled, and no one answers your questions when you email. It’s time to start looking around for another insurer.

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Health Insurance Quotes Now Easier to Obtain

Getting health insurance quotes these days is way easier that it used to be, thanks to the advent of the computer and a few smart insurance brokers who knew what a convenience this would be. As close as your mouse, and really, being able to find affordable health insurance on the Internet is a huge bonus for people wanting to get decent quotes.

Just think about it for a second; you won’t have to call all the health insurance agents listed in the phone book, or go see them in their offices, not unless you want to do that. Imagine just booting your computer up and using your browser to search for an insurance website where you get health insurance quotes instantly. Yes, instantly. And they’ll be quotes that provide you a variety of viable options for affordable health insurance.

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Affordable health insurance quotes may include the whole family

Families are able to get affordable health insurance quotes online too.
So many of the articles you read give advice on how to search for affordable health insurance quotes online, but what about families needing health insurance? Well, the good news is the process to search for family health insurance quotes is the same as searching for insurance for an individual. The only thing that really differs is that each family member needs to have their own page of notes that outlines what type of care they may need and any pre-existing conditions and so forth.

Another thing that varies a bit, but not substantially is the amount of deductible you may wish to pay. This is something to discuss in detail with an insurance agent, but keep this in mind, make sure you know which health insurance policy will work for your family before making any purchase decisions.

You can find affordable health insurance quotes for families online, but you can also call an agency directly, which is often better if you have a lot of questions. Getting a live response helps you focus your questions and come up with more, as your speak. Online searches are great for price and policy comparisons and to find out who is offering the most competitive pricing. Just remember, if you have a pre-existing condition, such as asthma, you may find quotes higher, no matter where you search. But again, there are ways to reduce your deductible to lower your premiums.

When talking to an agent, or even asking for a quote online, there are certain items of information an insurance company needs to know to provide a valid and relevant quote. For instance, the company needs to know if the applicant smokes, or did smoke and for how long and when they quit, are overweight, are a college student and a medical history. The same information needs to be given to each company you are requesting a quote from.

The nice thing about online searches is that you have various options of how to search. For example, you could search policies by coinsurance, by company, by deductible or by prescription plan. This allows you to customize a plan to suit you and your family. You could even add dental and vision care. In short, there is always a policy that will suit your needs, no matter what they are and how many people are in the family. Nothing is written in stone and everything can be customized to an insured’s needs.

While it might take a bit of time to find what you need, it is out there, if you take the time to search.

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Looking for affordable health insurance?

If you’re looking for affordable health insurance, the best place to search is online.
Sure, you could make a lot of phone calls to various insurance agencies and ask questions. However, many people find that to be confusing, as there is a vast amount of information you need to tell the agent, and the agent needs to tell you. This is one of the main reasons why shopping online with a list of your needs firmly in hand will take some of the hassle out of the process.

You could also use your list if you wanted to talk to an agent directly, for the personal touch. Some people prefer to speak to someone “live” as they feel they get a better sense of whom the person is, how well they know their products and whether or not they would feel comfortable buying a policy from them. Others prefer to set their budget, make out their complete list of items needed and hit the Internet. Getting online quotes gives the shopper the time to digest all the information they have gathered and then have intelligent questions when they do a phone follow up.

But back to costs for a moment. Americans are well aware of the costs of health care these days. However, for the most part, this is an abstract awareness. It does not truly hit home until they need health care, say an overnight stay in the hospital, and their jaw drops when they get the bill in the mail later. A one night stay typically amounts to a few thousand dollars. If you stay longer for extensive care and rehabilitation, you may lose your home if you do not have health insurance. Scary? You bet it is.

So why is it that millions of Americans do not have health insurance? There are usually two reasons cited: they can’t afford it and they can’t find affordable health insurance. Frankly, people can’t afford not to have health insurance. It’s the only buffer you have against going bankrupt if you need medical care. As for not being able to find affordable health insurance, that is a myth. There are all kinds of policies out there, and the pricing these days is competitive. In short, there is something out there for everyone, no matter what your budget. Best to get it now before you must get it in 2014.

Maybe you think your employer, if you still have a job, should be offering medical insurance. At one time, they did. It was a benefit. Then with rising costs, they cut back on offering health insurance to workers, or discontinued it entirely. Those without jobs are between a rock and a hard place and are scared to invest what money they may have left in health insurance. That is the smartest move you could make. It is a choice of being covered or facing bills so large you will never be able to pay them off. In short, scrimping now to save later when you most need it only makes good sense.

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