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Health Insurance Quotes Provider Expands in the Face of Recession

One of the nation’s leading online health insurance quotes providers has significantly expanded over the past few months. In spite of the recession, the company decided to make some key strategic moves to take advantage of what they saw as a great opportunity to grow the business.

Seeing their business growing during the recession Clelland Green, Benepath’s CEO, decided to double their quoting capacity for individual and family health insurance plans and enter into the group health insurance quotes business. “We are already seeing a payoff for these investments as the demand for our service from agents around the country has been steadily climbing,” Clelland noted.

Benepath will be offering their group insurance quotes program to agents over the coming weeks and the company reports that they already have several sales and a sizable number of agents who have requested these health insurance leads over the last year. Sales are expected to ramp up quickly as demand for group insurance leads is very strong.

As with other Benepath innovations, their entry into group insurance is not without a distinguishing benefit to businesses and consumers. We are the only group insurance program on the internet which can easily accept and deliver all the information necessary to provide quotes, especially for large companies. This makes it easy for businesses to get competitive insurance bids and for agents to help new customers.

About Benepath: Benepath gives health insurance quotes to consumers across the country and provides exclusive health insurance leads to high quality, local insurance agents. Benepath uses their proprietary technology platform to provide consumers with real-time health quotes from a local agent’s quoting system; branding the agent and providing the consumer with health insurance quotes from both local and national health insurance companies.

Posted on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009. Filed under Group Insurance, Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Rates Are More Affordable Than the Cost of Medical Services

The onset of 2009 has seen a tremendous increase in health insurance rates. Small businesses are expecting to pay a 50-60% increase in their plans. To offset this rise in cost and make sure that businesses signed up again, carriers were even encouraging renewals before the end of the policies. This poses a tremendous concern for employees who, at the same time, cannot afford to not have coverage because their employers could not afford to buy the plans.

Companies that no longer offer comprehensive benefits because of the sky rocketing health insurance rates expose their employees, their greatest assets, to unmanageable costs for medical services. Employees with families choose their jobs carefully and plan their careers on being able to provide for their families. They are responsible for the quality of living of their children, and if that means leaving and taking another job that allows them to provide health insurance, rates may become too expensive not to afford.

Posted on Sunday, May 17th, 2009. Filed under Health Insurance.