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Group insurance can be one of the most cost effective choices to get reasonable health coverage

While many companies are either eliminating or downsizing health benefits for their workers, group insurance still remains one of the most cost effective choices to still offer employees health care benefits. Even though the economy appears to be variable on any given day according to what is happening in the White House, businesses need to stay running and offer their workers some form of health insurance.

In the alternative, those same workers could also opt to apply for group insurance on their own, and take advantage of the lower rates and have choices over what they want for coverage. Many company controlled health insurance plans offer coverage for things people may never use, but are still paying for out of their salaries. Groups of like-minded individuals can band together and apply for group insurance the way they want it. It’s certainly better than having no insurance at all.

Posted on Friday, November 29th, 2013. Filed under Group Insurance.

Medicare and Medigap – Confusing or Custom Fit For Everyone 65 and Over?

It’s been said that Medicare and Medigap supplement insurance is so convoluted people would rather avoid dealing with the issue. Certainly there are a fair number of things that someone who just turned 65, or who is older, does need to know about Medicare and Medigap insurance supplements, but it does not need to be a major exercise in frustration.

The best time to find out how Medicare works is to start doing some research before you reach the age of 65. Ask around, do some reading, speak to an insurance agent. Yes, that’s right. Pick up the phone call an experienced Medicare insurance agent. They know their products inside out and can suggest a custom fit insurance package just for you, including what Medigap supplements work the best with your Medicare coverage.

This saves you endless hours of time trying to determine what might be the best way to go to get everything that you need. It’s far easier than you might think getting the perfect Medicare/Medigap custom insurance coverage that makes sense for you and your spouse.

Posted on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013. Filed under Medicare.

Heath insurance is a must have, no matter what

Even though many people few they cannot afford health insurance, the truth of the matter is really that they cannot afford not to have it. It’s a simple matter of factoring in what life offers up from day-to-day, and sometimes that is an unwelcome medical surprise.

If you are in an accident, slip and fall and break a limb, sustain head trauma or experience heart issues, and need to go to the hospital, if you do not have insurance, the bill will virtually bankrupt you. Even one day in hospital can cost up to $3,949, and that is just for staying there, not adding in all the extra things you may require, such as medications, an extra pillow or a wheelchair.

Not having health insurance is not an option, and soon, by law, there will be no other option but to have it. Act now and retain some control over what you choose that works the best for you.

Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013. Filed under Health Insurance.