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Health Insurance Rates Are More Affordable Than the Cost of Medical Services

The onset of 2009 has seen a tremendous increase in health insurance rates. Small businesses are expecting to pay a 50-60% increase in their plans. To offset this rise in cost and make sure that businesses signed up again, carriers were even encouraging renewals before the end of the policies. This poses a tremendous concern for employees who, at the same time, cannot afford to not have coverage because their employers could not afford to buy the plans.

Companies that no longer offer comprehensive benefits because of the sky rocketing health insurance rates expose their employees, their greatest assets, to unmanageable costs for medical services. Employees with families choose their jobs carefully and plan their careers on being able to provide for their families. They are responsible for the quality of living of their children, and if that means leaving and taking another job that allows them to provide health insurance, rates may become too expensive not to afford.