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Health Insurance Debates Interesting but Not Always Useful

Any time you have ever been involved in a debate over the current health care system since the advent of health care reform, you come away feeling more confused and frustrated than ever. While everyone seems to have ideas, no one knows how to go about making any difference in the long-term. Sure there are changes in the wind, but you wonder if they will actually “do” what they are intended to do. Debates are great, but rarely are there answers on either side.

Well, now that health care reform is officially “here,” you have to wonder what is coming next. Will mandated health insurance fly? Will insurance companies do their part and not charge people and arm and a leg for health insurance? Will everyone really have to have health insurance by 2014 and if so, how is that going to be enforced? So many questions, and not enough answers. What do you think?

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