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Still Think Health Care Reform Will Get You Insurance At Work?

In revisiting what Obama said in his campaign trail speeches about health care reform, you may remember he said that all employers should continue to contribute to health care coverage for their workers. Or, they could pay into a public plan. What?

First of all, employers are in the midst of trying to cut their heath care costs for workers out of the equation altogether, or shift more of the cost to the workers. Why? They cannot afford to pay the bills any longer, plus the economy is not helping them either. So it is not too much of a surprise that workers who once had health coverage at work are now either without it or scrambling to find more money to pay a higher rate for it. In reality, how will health care reform deal with those issues?

He also said hospitals needed to be graded on their performance, improve their record keeping, and get more efficient. Nothing is wrong with those ideas, but honestly, doctors need to be stopped from charging such exorbitant rates for medical care and hospitals must stop gouging patients for everything from Kleenex to an extra pillow.

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