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Texas Health Insurance Quotes for Small Business

Getting a great plan is not hard if you do your searching for health insurance in Texas by visiting the right website and work with a good insurance agent.

From Houston to El Paso, Benepath has been working with local insurance agents throughout the state to provide a variety of quotes and quality coverage to consumers. Agents who work with Benepath represent all of the major insurance carriers including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Humana, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, CIGNA and the local HMO’s as well.

Texas small businesseses have been getting help at since 2006 as well. Many of these agents offer group health insurance as well as ancillary benefits like group dental, life and disability insurance. Many of these agents also provide retirement plans like 401(k)’s and Simple IRA’s.

Good luck in your search!

by Clelland Green