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Health insurance is optional, right?

Well, some people think health insurance is optional – those who are young and healthy and active and fit think they are immune to accidents, disease and death. They’re not. Sickness doesn’t discriminate when it comes to choosing a hapless victim. Those with health insurance have their bills partially paid and can still carry on with their lives and not be in financial distress.

Those without health insurance are faced with a bill big enough to buy a house and have no way to pay it. Their options are slim to none and many find themselves facing medical bankruptcy. Even if you are working, your salary won’t cover the bills. Dismal thought isn’t it? However, that is the reality we live in today. Having health insurance will bail you out of some really right spots. Buying it now will save you money. Waiting until you’re forced to buy it in 2014 may cost you more. Act now.

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