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When Possible, Choose a Subsidized Group Insurance Plan

Workers at smaller companies are often offered group health insurance as a benefit. In fact, many potential employees consider it a major factor when making their employment decisions.

Group health insurance is frequently less expensive than far more limited personal insurance policies.

Individual insurance is often very expensive. Even if a person opts to buy personal coverage through a health exchange, he or she will likely pay more than a person participating in a company group policy.

Group health premiums are lower. Workers may not be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, a major benefit for many Americans. Additionally, most group health plans let workers extend their coverage to their families and/or dependents.

Whether the group health plan offers HMOs or PPOs (the two major types of plans), there is usually something for everyone.

If you have the chance to get group health insurance for a lower cost than your personal policy, you and your family will benefit.