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Get affordable health insurance by shopping around

When it is time to get health insurance, the first thing people think is that they cannot afford it and that they will not be able to find what they need, so why bother. Contrary to popular belief, you actually can find reasonably priced health insurance by taking the time to shop around.

We do not often buy the first car or house we see, so why would we buy the first health insurance policy we find? To that end, ask around and get at least three to five different quotes from different insurance agencies. For example, ask for a quote from an insurance company that sells all types of insurance, including health insurance and then, ask an agency that only sells health insurance. Three to five quotes offer you a wider variety of choices before making the final buying decision.

Never buy the first policy you find no matter how much of a good a deal you think you may be getting. Why? Because you will not know if it is the cheapest deal unless you compare it to other options and other policies with other agencies. If by chance the first policy does turn out to be the cheapest, then you have made a great buy.

Another way to save money on buying an insurance policy is to trim it down to what you absolutely really need. There is no sense in over-insuring. So just make certain you have enough coverage, but that you are not paying for coverage that you do not need and would never use. Along the same line of thinking, give some consideration to a high deductible plan and a health saving account combination or ask an insurance agent what would be a good health insurance combination that meets your needs but does not break your budget. There are often incentives and financial breaks to be had in a combination health insurance plan, so ask and find out what you could save.

Are you still employed and receive work-sponsored health care insurance? Even if you buy supplemental health insurance, it tends to be less expensive than going out on your own and buying a policy. A workplace sponsored health insurance plan tends to be cheaper than private insurance.

The real secret to finding reasonably priced insurance? Shop around, be diligent in asking questions, do not over insure yourself and seek ways to reduce your payments (if you get company-sponsored insurance). It may take time, but in the end, you are likely to get what you actually want and need.