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Helpful Medicare Fraud Tips

You should be wary and suspicious if your provider informs you that:

  • Medicare wants you to have this service
  • Medicare want you to have this item
  • The higher the volume of tests they perform, the less expensive they are
  • The service is free and won’t cost you anything
  • The equipment is free and won’t cost anything
  • The test or tests are free and they only need your Medicare number
  • They know how to get Medicare to pay for it

Avoid fraud by:

  • Not allowing anyone but accredited medical professionals to recommend services/review your medical records
  • Never giving out your Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number unless it is to your doctor/other Medicare provider
  • Being wary of accepting Medicare services that are supposedly free
  • Exercising caution when you are told you get free testing if you provide your Medicare number
  • Being cautious if you are told the service/item is not usually covered, but they can bill Medicare anyhow
  • Being alert and wary if a provider says they are endorsed by Medicare or by the federal government